DLAB: an example of project-based learning in a broad educational community

Frederik De Laere, Lecturer in Geography at Howest in Belgium, describing how never in his career had he yet experienced such an inspiring and beautiful project as DLAB.

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A guide to designing online learning spaces to facilitate high quality social learning

A MESH Guide looking at how technology can facilitate high quality social learning in online and blended environments within teacher education.

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DLAB: Digital Learning Across Boundaries, has been selected as an example of good practice in this month’s editorial of the School Education Gateway

The DLAB: Digital Learning Across Boundaries project has been selected by The European Commission as an example of good practice in the May 2018 editorial of the School Education Gateway on the topic of STEAM: interdisciplinary and innovation.

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Crossing boundaries through digital learning

How over three years, the DLaB project will explore three themes: technology outdoors, STEM to STEAM and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). All to promote digital learning across the boundaries of the physical space of classrooms, across curriculum subjects, across languages and cultures and across national boundaries.

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