DLaB Erasmus Team STEAM Network Event

The DLaB Erasmus team held a STEAM network event for local teachers in early February 2018, focusing on adding the Arts into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in order to link STEM with creative expression and with inquiry-based learning approaches based on real world problems. See a Padlet of the event based on three STEAM [...]

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Mobile Technology in Teacher Education (MiTE) conference

Emma Whewell, Helen Caldwell and Rebecca Heaton presented a paper on ‘How does mobile technology facilitate teachers to learn outdoors?’ at the International Conference on Mobile Technology in Teacher Education (MiTE) at Galway. Their paper uses data collected from the Erasmus+ project Digital Learning across Boundaries. The findings exemplify how the visual posts within an [...]

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STEAM network event: putting the Arts into STEM – Tue 6 February 2018, 16:30pm – 18:00pm

STEAM network event: putting the Arts into STEM - Tue 6 February 2018, 16:30pm – 18:00pm - a networking event for teachers and educators interested in the value of adding the Arts to STEM subjects and exploring STEAM in the primary curriculum.

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Hearing and Seeing STEAM project day

The first project day of our STEM to STEAM project in Bruges was definitely a success. Lecturers and students from Howest and teachers and pupils from Middle School Bruges worked around the three topics in our theme: seeing, hearing and experiencing STEAM, using the trigger ‘What if we could change size?’ In the seeing group, [...]

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DlaB Erasmus International Collaboration Day, 8th November 2017

On 9th November, primary education students from the University of Northampton went to Standens Barn primary school where we had our first STEM to STEAM international collaboration day.  Helping with the class focusing on ‘experiencing’ size, in the morning, the students up-scaled butterflies by 10 times, Working with our project partners from [...]

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DLaB Erasmus – Bruges Digital Playdate English Students Reflection

As digital leaders, we are involved in this year’s project STEM to STEAM, adding the Arts to the integrated and applied study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). As part of this year’s project, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Bruges, planning for this year’s project. On the 9th October, we arrived in [...]

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The 2nd year of the DLAB Erasmus+ project kicks off focusing on STEM to STEAM

Academics and teachers from England, Denmark, Belgium and Norway met this week to start to plan the Digital Learning Across Boundaries (DLAB) Erasmus+ programme for 2018 that focuses on STEM to STEAM

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