Sustainable project week in Middle School Bruges


The below is about Tiana Ackx’s participation in the sustainable project week in Middle School Bruges. ------ The second project I got involved with, was a sustainable project week. The students could choose a course that they wanted to do for a whole week. There were a lot of different subjects they could choose from, [...]

Using a frame to look and appreciate the hidden ‘art’ of the outdoors


A lesson plan: It is easy to have a ‘closed’ view of what art is. Many contemporary artists work within or change the environment in small ways to make the viewer look in a new way. In this activity learners will be encouraged to look around carefully for interesting and attractive or thought provoking things [...]

Exploring subject knowledge outdoors


A lesson plan: In the National Curriculum in England, learning in art is underpinned by what is known as the ‘visual elements’. These are colour, tone, line, pattern, texture, shape, space and form. When looking at or making art we can’t help but refer to some of these so it is important to learn what they [...]

Virtual sculptures outdoors


A lesson plan: To consider the relationship between a sculpture (form) and its location outdoors (space). To explore scale and the relationship between smaller than, larger than and actual size. For further details details see the Virtual sculptures outdoors lesson plan. Image attribution: Nelson's Ship in a Bottle, outside the National Maritime Museum. Photograph by Mike [...]

Flood the outdoors with art


A lesson plan: To create a sense of making art to share and give pleasure to an audience (people we don’t know) with the possibility of tracking where it ends up via social media. For further details details see the Flood the outdoors with art lesson plan. Please also see Flood the streets with art Part IV.

Creating ephemeral art lesson plan


Ephemeral art exists only for a short while and will be changed and removed by the environment (weather, animals, humans). This makes the recording by digital technology vital. Explore how to use ephemeral art using the lesson plan below: Open the below in a new tab.