Flood the outdoors with art


A lesson plan: To create a sense of making art to share and give pleasure to an audience (people we don’t know) with the possibility of tracking where it ends up via social media. For further details details see the Flood the outdoors with art lesson plan. Please also see Flood the streets with art Part IV.

Outdoor Learning further reading


The below two links are general further reading about Outdoor Learning, and don't directly belong to one of our sub-themes. Busting the myths on outdoor learning in schools by @ntrlconnections Creative STAR Learning Ltd - who provide Support, Training, Advice and Resources on almost all aspects of outdoor learning and play  

Outdoor activity week video examples from Howest in Belgium


The below are videos made by Canelle De Loddere, a student of Howest, during their outdoor activity week. Transcript for the film above: 1 students of bachelor secondary education 2 in search for culture 3 sometimes somewhat less 4 to get involved is their goal 5 and really get into the subject 6 no fear of [...]

England Wild Writing example – Standens Barn Primary School visit to the University Forest School


Digital Learning across Boundaries project Wild Writing visit Year 2 children from Standens Barn Primary School visited our University Forest School with students from BA Early Years Education and BA Primary as part of the Erasmus + Digital Learning across Boundaries (DLaB) project. The theme was Wild Writing to fit in with a project focus [...]

Take a parachute and jump – case study


Our experience of this lesson plan We performed this workshop with 40 pupils around the age of 16, divided in groups of 4-6 people. We only had about 20 minutes per group, which unfortunately was not enough to let the students do the ICT-part of the workshop because the Tracker program needs some familiarizing [...]

Creating ephemeral art in the environment – an example from Belgium


The below example uses the Creating ephemeral art lesson plan. Inspiration for activities - dLAB Art in the environment Land art - Working in the forest inspired by the landscape and the works of Andy Golsworthy. Prior to this lesson students watch 'Rivers and tides' a wonderful documentary on the life and work of Andy Goldsworthy. [...]

Using iMovie – an example from Middenschool Brugge Centrum, Belgium


I have used iMovie already for several years. It is an easy app to make movies about things that have happened at school. You can make movies and trailers in a user-friendly way. The app is also quite popular with students. The movies I made were about : Werelddag 2014 A movie about our World [...]