Super senses, Klarup Skole, Denmark – DLaB Project Day 3


The day started with a short presentation of different super senses some animals have and short discussion with the students about the topic. We discussed for example how a hawk can see its prey from over 1 500 meters away and how elephants use hearing and microsounds to communicate with each other over long distances. [...]

Moving to space, Klarup Skole, Denmark – DLaB Project Day 2


The Space project day started with watching video presentations made prior the project day by partner schools in UK, Belgium and Norway as well as sharing our video. Each of the videos contained different information crucial for a successful travel in space or colonisation of a new planet. Topics introduced where photosynthesis, resource management (recycling), [...]

Size matters, Klarup Skole, Denmark – DLaB Project Day 1


Students drew their own version of a bee but about 20 times larger This project day started with a minor setback, as the 6th grade that was supposed to be our class, was not at school during the project day because of a scheduling mistake. Instead, the class that had already prepared for [...]

The Marshmallow Catapult Challenge


Marshmallow Catapult Challenge Charlotte Bennett, a student digital leader from the English DLaB team, recently took part in a STEAM Big Bang 2018 event with the University of Northampton at Silverstone Race Circuit. She carried out a marshmallow catapult challenge which was very popular. The children in groups constructed a small catapult using [...]

DLaB STEM to STEAM day 2 Middle School Bruges – Experiencing team


During the second DLaB STEM to STEAM day, the experiencing team in Middle School Bruges divided the students in two groups. The first group investigated what people and animals need to survive on another planet. They created a new world where we can go to if our world would not be liveable anymore. The other [...]

The Earth is going to be hit by an Asteroid! An example of experiencing STEAM


DLaB Erasmus International Collaboration Day, 8th February 2018 Digital leaders studying Primary Education from the University of Northampton went to Standens Barn primary school where we participated in our second international collaboration day focusing on STEM to STEAM. Working with our Digital Learning Across Boundaries project partners from Belgium, Norway and Denmark, we completed a [...]

DlaB Erasmus International Collaboration Day, 8th November 2017 – Belgium video


The movie below is the result of the collaboration in the group experiencing STEAM during the DlaB Erasmus International Collaboration Day 1 between Belgium and England. The theme of the project day was ‘What if we could change size?’ So we created huge butterflies and we made a few scenario’s as final product of the [...]

Bridge Building


Image credit: A view of the Millau Viaduct in the distance, the tops of some of its towers shrouded within the clouds. The village of Creissels is in the foreground. Stefan Krause, Germany An idea for a potential STEAM activity would be bridge building. Firstly, to incorporate the idea of 'experiencing STEAM' children could be taken to [...]

Feed the Birds


Image credit: European Goldfinchs on a garden bird feeder in the United Kingdom. Uploaded by Snowmanradio.  As winter draws closer, food for the birds in our local area is becoming scarce. This could be used as a stimulus for a STEAM project, in which children could experiment with our ‘waste and recyclables’ to create a bird feeder for [...]

Egg-stronaut challenge


One STEM to STEAM idea is the focus on space. After the success of Tim Peake’s Mission to the International Space Station, there are many activities you can link to space. One activity you could introduce is the egg-stronaut challenge. In groups, students should design a space capsule to safely land an egg-stronaut (raw or [...]