England’s Education System


We created some videos about our Education System focusing on the different stages: Early Years and Reception, Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education. We created the videos to share with our DLaB Erasmus project partners in Belgium who shared them with their university students studying English in Primary teaching. We enjoyed making them and hope [...]

Bridge Building


Image credit: A view of the Millau Viaduct in the distance, the tops of some of its towers shrouded within the clouds. The village of Creissels is in the foreground. Stefan Krause, Germany An idea for a potential STEAM activity would be bridge building. Firstly, to incorporate the idea of 'experiencing STEAM' children could be taken to [...]

Feed the Birds


Image credit: European Goldfinchs on a garden bird feeder in the United Kingdom. Uploaded by Snowmanradio.  As winter draws closer, food for the birds in our local area is becoming scarce. This could be used as a stimulus for a STEAM project, in which children could experiment with our ‘waste and recyclables’ to create a bird feeder for [...]

Egg-stronaut challenge


One STEM to STEAM idea is the focus on space. After the success of Tim Peake’s Mission to the International Space Station, there are many activities you can link to space. One activity you could introduce is the egg-stronaut challenge. In groups, students should design a space capsule to safely land an egg-stronaut (raw or [...]

The wings of Panamarenko


Another STEM to STEAM idea is focused on the myth of Icarus. Maybe you know the story about Icarus who tried to escape Kreta by creating his own wings, but against advice flew too close to the sun and they started to melt? Panamarenko is a belgian artist who's obsessed with flying and the story [...]

Who better to help teach STEAM than Leonardo Da Vinci?


Leonardo Da Vinci (LDV) was not only known for his inspiring art work but also his interest in science, engineering, maths and nature. A project based on LDV where children can study his art and his mechanical engineering projects, compare similarities and differences then even build their own. Before creating their own machines, children need [...]